Summoned to a Parallel World: A Hero’s Odyssey

In the realm of parallel worlds, where the boundaries between reality and the supernatural blur, a tale of unexpected heroism unfolds. Keiki Kiryuu, an ordinary high school student with little interest in romantic pursuits, is unwittingly thrust into a series of extraordinary adventures as he becomes a reluctant hero. In this article, we delve deep into the intricacies of Keiki’s journey, the richly diverse characters that populate this fantastical realm, the mystique of summoning, the vibrant world that serves as their backdrop, and the myriad challenges that test their mettle.

Introduction to the Story

Keiki Kiryuu’s mundane existence takes an otherworldly turn when he is summoned to a parallel world under the guise of a “hero” tasked with saving a princess. Yet, beneath the façade of valor, Keiki remains a high school student uninterested in affairs of the heart. Despite his successful returns to his own world, Keiki is relentlessly summoned day after day. Each time, he is thrust into perilous situations, emerges victorious, and returns to his world—a seemingly never-ending cycle. To Keiki, the mantle of a hero becomes more of a burden than a privilege. However, destiny has one more twist in store when he encounters a girl who will change the course of his journey forever.

Background of the Characters

Within this extraordinary narrative, four distinct characters take center stage. Each character’s summons to the parallel world brings a unique perspective and motivation to the unfolding saga.

Sora: The story’s protagonist, Sora, is a high school student who finds herself repeatedly summoned to the parallel world. Her ultimate goal is to find a way back home and break free from the cycle of summoning.

Aqua: A close friend of Sora’s, Aqua, shares her fate of being summoned to this mysterious realm. While compassionate and kind-hearted, Aqua can sometimes act on impulse, adding an unpredictable element to the group dynamics.

Kairi: Another of Sora’s companions, Kairi, differs from the rest as she was born in the parallel world and has never left it. Her unwavering determination is juxtaposed with her occasional recklessness.

Riku: Riku, Kairi’s elder brother, also hails from the parallel world but left it in his youth to become a formidable sorcerer. His seriousness and independence provide a contrast to the others, though he can seem distant at times.

How Did They Come to be Summoned?

The power to transcend the boundaries of reality and communicate with otherworldly beings gives rise to a select group known as “summoners.” The path to becoming a summoner varies, with some believing that it is a skill honed through years of study and practice, while others contend that summoners are chosen vessels for spirits seeking to fulfill their goals. Regardless of the route taken, the act of summoning is a delicate art, for dabbling in forces beyond one’s comprehension carries the risk of losing oneself in the process.

The World at Hand

The parallel world to which our heroes are summoned unfolds as a place where magic and the supernatural are tangible aspects of life. The environment teems with vibrant flora and fauna, casting a picturesque tapestry across the landscape. The world’s sun is renowned for its stunning beauty, while the night sky boasts stars that illuminate the expanse for miles. Yet, amid this natural splendor, formidable dangers lurk—ferocious creatures and formidable magic users who challenge the protagonists at every turn.

Strange Creatures and Elements Found Within

Throughout history, our world has borne witness to enigmatic phenomena and creatures that defy rational explanation. Among these mysteries, a few have become legendary:

  • The Yeti: Residing in the Himalayan mountains, the enigmatic Yeti, or Abominable Snowman, has captivated imaginations for centuries. Described as a towering, fur-covered, ape-like entity, sightings have persisted over the years. Though lacking concrete evidence, many speculate its existence as a descendant of a long-lost ape species.
  • The Kraken: Legends of the Kraken, a colossal sea monster said to dwell off Norway’s coast, have permeated maritime folklore. Rumored to reach lengths of up to 100 feet, it is said to wield tentacles to seize and submerge ships. While unconfirmed, some postulate its origins in real creatures like squid or octopuses.
  • El Chupacabra: Emerging from Puerto Rican lore, El Chupacabra is described as a dog-like or…

Challenges Faced in This New Environment

Within the parallel world, Keiki Kiryuu grapples with two formidable challenges:

Constant Battles: The parallel world is marked by perpetual conflict, with warring factions vying for dominance. Keiki, upon his arrival, is thrust into this maelstrom, where survival hinges on his ability to navigate the tumultuous battles that rage incessantly.

Psychological Strain: Beyond the physical trials, Keiki wrestles with a more profound psychological burden. His repeated efforts to enact meaningful change in this world prove futile as unforeseen events consistently reset his progress, leaving him frustrated and disheartened.

Unexpected Allies or Enemies Found Along the Way

In the intricate tapestry of life, allies and adversaries often emerge from unexpected quarters. Bonds of friendship may fray, and erstwhile foes can evolve into steadfast companions. This ever-shifting dynamic is an integral part of life’s journey, challenging individuals to navigate its complexities and uncertainties.

Lessons Learned as A Result Of Being Summoned

The trials of being summoned to a parallel world offer valuable lessons:

  • Adaptation: Quick adaptation to unfamiliar surroundings becomes a necessity.
  • Diversity: The ability to forge friendships with those different from oneself is a hallmark of growth.
  • Resourcefulness: Surviving challenging circumstances demands resourcefulness.
  • Courage: Facing fears head-on is an inherent part of the summoning experience.

As a result, those who traverse this extraordinary path emerge stronger and more capable, enriched by their encounters and experiences.


In this opening chapter, we have embarked on a journey alongside our protagonist, Keiki Kiryuu, as he is summoned to a parallel world and grapples with the intricacies of this enigmatic realm. Encounters with otherworldly creatures and the challenges of constant summoning have set the stage for an engaging narrative. As we look ahead, the promise of further chapters holds the allure of discovery, not only of the world itself but also of Keiki’s inner self. This intriguing premise lays the foundation for an enthralling odyssey that will captivate readers as the story

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