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Samsung one of the second leading Information Technology companies belonging from south Korea. Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-chil in 1938 the company started as a trading company. But yet exactly in the next three decades, the company went on doing food processing work, Textile, Insurance, Securities and retail shops.

After the death of Lee Samsung was divided into 4 different business and at the beginning of the 90s, Samsung has globalized its electronics activities; mobile phones and semiconductors have become its most viable source of earnings as of the index of 2017. Samsung mobile phones started off with a lot of default ringtones and later went on bringing unique high-quality digital music sound as a mobile ringing tune. Samsung ringtones are today one of the few widely used ringtones for android devices, a lot of websites have emerged with time to cater Samsung ringtones, however, the one website that stands out of all of these websites is The website has all the latest, new, best, default, original Samsung ringtones for all most all Samsung mobile phone models. The format in which these ringtones are available at this website is ‘MP3’. Mp3 Samsung ringtones is a keyword that is searched worldwide as mp3 is the only medium of ringtone for android users and especially for Samsung mobile phone users.

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